Updates and Upgrades

Timely servicing and upgrading your iron horse is an important factor in reducing unnecessary costs and raising your ability to work. This rule works in both small and large working volumes, even if you work on your own with a truck. Unlike privately owned cars and trucks, fleet vehicles usually experience significant wear and tear in a very short period. Most of these vehicles are extensively used on a daily basis, which subjects them to various problems. New fleet brings plenty of benefits to the business owner. The biggest benefit of all is fleet’s reliability, which minimizes entrepreneurs’ costs and allows them to direct their attention to their core business. In addition to this, the new fleet can also bring dozens of other tangible benefits to business owners. Advanced safety equipment like rear view cameras, hands-free smartphone connections, additional air bags reduce the like hood of driving accidents and help drivers to find safest and more efficient routes. Modern navigation systems also drastically decrease the delivery and service call time. This way, the new fleet improves employee satisfaction and serves as a great promotion for company’s products or services. Since fleet vehicles are used on a daily basis, they require regular maintenance. Fleet upgrades reduce company’s maintenance costs and extend vehicle’s lifespan. Costlier maintenance repairs can also negatively affect the delivery or service call time, which then reflects on the company’s overall reputation. New fleet allows companies to redirect some of their maintenance money to spreading their business operation and purchasing more vehicles. Commercial fleets can create huge fuel costs. For some companies, these costs are as big as their payroll, which is why they need to find ways to improve their fleet’s fuel efficiency. The automotive industry is investing a serious effort in decreasing the overall fuel consumption. So, in some countries in addition to decreasing the fuel costs, green car fleets can also secure smaller taxes, registration and business fees.

An important criterion is the choice of the correct truck for both the driver and the owner of the vehicle fleet. When choosing fleet vehicles or truck, the price is usually the least important criterion. The truck needs to serve a purpose. That’s why contractors should always choose heavy duty trucks, and sales businesses should focus on small cars with high fuel efficiency.

Also, a lot of time is devoted to the issue of “Buy a truck or rent?”. Of course, it all depends on your capital, capabilities and work volume. Each driver or owner of many trucks selects an individual approach to this issue. The best solution will be the one that will bring you the maximum revenue. If you want to buy a truck then you might consider buying one at auction, rather than splashing out on a brand new one. You can visit Equify Auctions for more information on that.

Safety and reliability are the most important criteria for choosing fleet vehicles. Still, there are dozens of small tricks that can decrease the price of running a fleet business. This way, companies will decrease the overall number of trips and make a better use of the vehicles in the field. Good fleet organization also results in better fuel efficiency, decreased maintenance costs and improved customer satisfaction.

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